Instant money transfer 

Track And Send Money To Family, Friend & Business with instaexchange



Create an account

Complete your profile by verifying email and phone number or use Digital Id.



Request money transfer

Our system allows you to draw money directly from your bank account using secure system call PolyPay.



Collect money and tracking

Collect money from 1000s of location in Nepal or deposit directly to bank account. You will get notification and able to track the progress real time.


Send instant money to your family, friend.

Quick money transfer system

Using instaexcahgne you can draw money from bank account and send money to Nepal in Minutes.

Trustworthy transaction management system

Our system tracks and send you notification about your money.

Safe and legal

We comply goverment regulation and have trusted reputed Australian and overseas intitutions partners. 

Track and update your transaction

Creating access from our system you are going to track and update transaction in real time with realiable SMS and email notificaiton.

Our trusted partners

Our industry leading technology protects your money and guarantees safe, timly arrival 24x7.

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A wide choice of ways to send money online

Instaexchange has fast and secure service that lets you transfer money from desktop to mobile. 

Bank Transfer

Send money to all listed Nepali banks.

Cash Pickup

Cash pickup lets you pick up your cash from over 5000s for cash pickup points thought out our partner network.

Money Mobile

Comming soon... We are working on to send mobile recharge through online